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Top 5 Amazing Wedding Gifts for your Wedding Day

Top 5 Amazing Wedding Gifts for your Wedding Day


Top 5 Amazing Wedding Gifts for your Wedding Day

At our initial meetings with couples who are getting married we’re often asked about gifts, and if there are any more of the unusual gifts out there. Sometimes it can be one of those things that many couples get stuck on because let’s face it, buying gifts that are centred around weddings can be difficult. Even when it comes to gifts for the person you’re marrying, couples can get lost chasing down that “perfect” gift.

So we decided to create a ‘top 5 amazing wedding gifts for your wedding day’ list to make things just that little bit easier. The list itself is based upon what we have seen at weddings so we know that they were extremely well received, and won’t break the bank. If you want to check these out for yourself, click on the images.

Please note: As we do not endorse the retailers listed these gifts may also be available from other retailers, so have a look around before any purchase. Any links are for guidance only.


So here we go, and in no particular order:


Top 5 Amazing Wedding Gifts for your Wedding Day



1 – My Last Rolo


Personalised My Last Rolo - Gold


Available in 22ct gold, rose/pink gold and silver, and with personal message (26 character limit). There’s nothing better than receiving the last Rolo from the one who loves you most, and the best thing is that it’s completely calorie free. The nation’s favourite that will last forever also comes in a gift box for safe keeping. With an average price of around £70.00, what’s not to love.


2 – Personalised First Dance Music Sheet

our first dance music sheet

There’s always something special about your first dance. It doesn’t matter if the song is well known or not, what matters is that it means something to you both that only you know. Something that can bring a smile, or a tear of joy…or both. So why not have a framed version of it for your wall. It’s unusual, but the importance behind it lives forever. It also looks really nice on your wall, wherever it may hang.


3 – Couples’ Joining Heart Keyring


Couples' Romantic Joining Heart Keyring 1


We like these keyrings, not because they cost a little less, but because they’re a nice reminder of the big day and the love of your life. People can often feel pressured into spending a fortune on gifts when all it takes is something meaningful, it goes a long long way.


4 – Original Newspapers

Choose your Date


Original newspapers with a certificate of authentication can be a great gift. It can take you back to the year you were born or any other year of your choice. We shot a wedding in Newquay last year where both bride and groom received one each. They were both the same age so the groom’s newspaper was for the year he was born and the bride’s was for the year she turned sixteen. They were over the moon with them.


5 – Map of the Stars


Personalised Star Map Wedding Anniversary Birthday Bereavement image 0


A personalised map of the stars was given to a groom at a wedding we shot in Northumberland a few years ago, and we never forgot it. Name a place, date and time that means something to you and let the space boffins scientifically calculate how the stars would be on that date. Whether it’s your wedding date or birthdays, it will always impress.



So there you have it. A small selection of what we have seen at weddings.

When we sat down to create this list we thought it was best to exclude the more common gifts and go for the not so common. The ones we have actually witnessed with our very own lens. We also wanted to make sure that our selection wouldn’t get your bank manager calling you in the middle of the night.



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