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Rise Photography FAQs

Rise Photography FAQs

Please find below, some of the most commonly asked questions to date (FAQs). If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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How many photographers will there be?

This usually depends upon the Bride and Groom’s requirements. We can offer from one to three photographers, but normally it’s one or two. Unless the wedding has a very large capacity with further requirements.

Will you dress accordingly?

We always dress in keeping with the traditional wedding. Don’t worry, we won’t show up in Ugg boots and T Shirts. Well, not unless you wanted us to.

Other places offer over 3500 images of the day. Why don’t you?

When it comes to the amount of images you receive, we promise that there will always be enough to choose from. We are aware that other wedding photographers offer 3500 or more, but we also know that this is generally a selling tactic and we prefer that your final images are diverse and cover your day the way you want it covered. Why have 3500 images of your day when a very high percentage of them will look exactly the same?

How long before we receive our wedding album/images?

The usual time from shooting a wedding to receiving your album is 6-8 weeks. This also includes all of the points between, such as getting your proofs and making your choices, also any further post processing, if required.

What about food and drink?

We are there to photograph your wedding and although a quick bite and a coffee is always appreciated, it’s not always expected…and we certainly don’t expect to be seated and fed with the wedding party. We’re happy to take time out whilst the wedding party is being seated and served.

When do we pay you and how?

There is a non refundable deposit of 30% or £400 (dependent on which package you choose) to be paid when your wedding date has been confirmed and booked. The remainder is to be paid no closer than 12 weeks before the wedding date. Any discounted package fee must be paid in full upon confirmed booking. We also offer a 0% interest monthly payment scheme. Your remaining balance (after deposit) will be divided into equal monthly payments to be completed 12 weeks before your wedding date.

Do I have to have a wedding album?

The quick answer is not always, it would depend upon which package and any extras chosen. We also offer your images on a high grade USB or online gallery, complete and ready for printing, sharing and emailing. This is a very popular question for our FAQs.

Will you be CRB checked?

CRB is now known as DBS and has been since December 2012. We do hold DBS but it is not a legal requirement unless being left alone with children or vulnerable people, and we have heard that some wedding photographers use this as a sales gimmick.

Are you willing to travel?

Although we are based in Liverpool, we have photographed weddings all over the UK and even abroad. If you’re planning a wedding abroad, we will be happy to quote you any additional costs for travel. If you’re planning a UK wedding, we currently charge 45p per mile over 60 mile return trip.

Will we meet you before the wedding?

Yes, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and expectations. We will also show you wedding book examples if you have chosen to have one, explain how we work and what you can expect from us on the day before any contract is signed.

Is there a contract?

Yes. On our initial meeting we discuss all requirements of the day, including what is expected. The contract is mainly to clarify the expectations of the bride and groom, and ourselves; including specific shot lists and any VIP requirements. Once the contract is thoroughly read and signed, a deposit will need to be paid.

 0% Interest, how does it work?

We know that sorting out a wedding can often make you feel overwhelmed with arrangements, timings, seating plans etc., and of course, the many other things that will be need to be sorted before your big day, being permanently on your mind. Our interest free payment plan allows you spread the cost (after deposit) over what ever period there may be between the time of booking and  12 weeks before the wedding day.

How many photographs will we get?

Although many photographers offer 1000 plus photographs edited and processed of your day, we believe that quality is more important than quantity. We also believe that each photograph being different from the last is also important, therefore we always guarantee that the will be more than enough for you to choose from because we capture as many as we possibly can, whether it be 600 or more than a 1000 images, there will always be more than enough memories of you day.

How do I redeem a voucher?

When you purchase your voucher, we send you a digital copy for your records. All you have to do is contact us with the voucher code number, or alternatively you can email us a copy of your voucher when redeeming.

Can we have stationary with our names on?

Yes, you can. Any stationary designed and made by us is always bespoke. This way you can be assured that no-one else has anything like it in the UK, leaving you with wonderful and completely unique keepsakes.

If you have a question for our FAQs that hasn’t been answered please let us know and we’ll get it added to our FAQs as soon as possible.

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