Wedding Vlog



Our Wedding Vlog allows your guests to leave video messages for you to watch when your big day has finished. Each guest will have the opportunity to leave a personalised message for you both throughout your wedding day, whether it’s love and good wishes, anecdotes or fun and giggles.

Along with your Wedding Vlog we shoot short sections of video which is then added to your final production.

How does it work?

It’s similar to how the diary room in Big Brother works, but instead of people we don’t know speaking to big brother your guests will be speaking to you, albeit through our camera lens.

How many people can leave a message?

Your completed Wedding Vlog will be roughly 30 minutes in length, so there’s plenty of room for everyone who would like to leave a message.

Can I combine this with other services you offer?

Yes. We can also offer a discount of £50.00 if added to another package.

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