We offer great partnerships with colleges, which we believe to be both unique and sustainable. As well as offering discounts, bespoke packages and free shoots, we also offer discounted rates for any of our other services if you choose us. This includes all your staff and students. Not forgetting the commission reward system we have in place, just for you!

We also offer tuition, workshops, lectures and talks for colleges; not just to your students but your staff too. We already attend colleges and sixth form schools throughout the UK as guest speakers, supporting and underpinning the hard work already being carried out by staff.

We also offer work experience and support days for colleges. Your students will be on location with us for the day to enhance their knowledge of photography and media, gaining valuable hands on experience; this can also be studio based.

Later in the year, we will be offering our unique service for college students and staff. From years of experience on both sides of the coin: we know how frustrating it can be to teach when time and resources seem to be against you, and we also know how being a student and sharing that frustration can develop into something else entirely. This is why we at RiSe have been creating something new: RiSe Sponsor. Something which we believe will not only work but help colleges around the UK to get those marks they need. We work alongside any lecturer and student to raise the student’s knowledge level in their chosen field. We will fill in any blanks and have the time to spend when it comes to practical appliance of a subject.

There’s nothing better for a college than knowing that all of their students will pass with the best marks possible, it also helps with your ofsted inspections and general moral of the college.  It’s true that there are only so many hours in a day, so why not let us help you to double those hours and get your students the grades they deserve.

Contact us for prices and to find out more.