Course Bookings



This is for third party client and Direct bookings only unless you have received a Rise Photography voucher or security code number from us.

We aim to get your booking confirmation to you within 3 working days. If you feel you haven’t heard from us, please check your email spam settings, as our emails may be redirected away from your inbox into your Junk or Spam folder, especially if you have a Hotmail or Live email address. Your booking is not complete until you have received a booking confirmation email from us.

If you are booking for two people (one voucher), remember to complete their details also in the 2nd Person Section, including their correct email address and contact details. Without these we can not process your booking. We can no longer complete a booking for two people who have the same email address and/or contact number.

In the “Choose your class date” section, you will find all currently available dates and times.  Places are filled quickly so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have a problem with getting the date you wanted or would like to request a date, please let us know.

We now include the option to upgrade your class to private tuition within the booking rather than email requests, this allows you to upgrade your class to a 1-1 session, for a small fee. If you have a date in mind but don’t see it in the class dates list, you can request that date as an upgrade. Any upgrade will be invoiced for separately.

Please remember that we view any expiry date as a redemption date only. Therefore, if your expiry date is January 25th 2023 you can still choose a class in June 2023, as long as you have redeemed it before your expiry date. Please also note that there is a three day processing time for any third party vouchers, this means that we need to have your booking/voucher details at least three days before expiry date. So it’s always a good idea to submit your vouchers as early as possible .

Any incorrect voucher security codes cannot be processed. Please double check and make sure you have entered the correct 10 digit code. Please see examples below.


Correct:   A872F9DK22     C55G38H994

Incorrect:   VS-HKRT-WDY6-NDM8-H6R4     HG-A7PL-VXF3-QAB2-LKX9


*** From April 5th 2023, there will be a £18.95 per person fee for all third party bookings for Albert Dock, Liverpool. This is for third party bookings only and any direct bookings will not be affected. Third party bookings are any bookings that have not been directly purchased from Rise Photography.


**Details of second person can not be the same as the first. Email address and contact number must be different**


SP: Sefton Park L17     WT: Woolton L25   AD: Albert Dock L3***




**Please note that there may be occasions when a class date is rescheduled. Although very rare, if this happens you will be immediately transferred to the next available date.**