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When we were looking for someone to photograph our wedding it was difficult because my h2b was not enthusiastic about it, as he doesn’t like getting his picture taken, also, he said he’s seen too many wedding photographers be rude and bullish at other people’s weddings.

So when we met rise photography it took my h2b around 3 minutes to warm to the idea and at the wedding all my husband did was praise him (quite rightly because he was amazing), which made me grin all night long.

Rise Photography were brilliant throughout the day and night, completely unassuming and ¬†most of the time you didn’t realise he was there. He was also brilliant with dealing with our guests and their children.

The photographs were stunning and so easy to download from our secure gallery.


So I just wanted to say thanks for everything….and for proving to my husband that I’m right again..Ha!!


Will recommend you definitely.



Sarah x


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